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Just try and read the rules below before posting, it's all I ask. Thanks kids.

The purpose of this community is to share what music (preferably of the punk genre) you have or plan on copying to mix tapes (mix CD lists are also welcomed and valued) for friends, family or yourself (actually? fuckin anyone for that matter). Exact artists and song titles are greatly appreciated in this whole process. You are more than encouraged to trade mixed tapes/cds with fellow members through the mail (or any other way you plan on doing so). Sometimes a certain theme is followed (happiness, anger, broken hearts... the list goes on and on) which many of us enjoy. Criticism is unavoidable and please be ready when confronted with such treatment, we all don’t agree with one another and it’s bound to happen. Please don’t post about your day, rant about your newfound obsession or something else personal, you have your own journal to do that in. Here are some basic guidelines I would appreciate if followed:

Harassment: There is honestly no need to purposely belittle someone for their personal music tastes. Please be an adult and respectful, try to understand not everyone agrees with what you think. Your personal vision of punk may not necessarily be the next persons view. You can voice your opinion but don’t be irrational.

Banners/Pictures: If you wish to endorse/advertise a band try to do it through a killer play list, not banners, this community isn't intended for that. There are specific communities out there who solely exist so you may post pictures claiming how punk you are or endorse local bands with e-flyers, this is not one of them. The only time pictures are allowed is when they involve/are based on your latest masterpiece (in your mix tape/cd that is) or you need music to collaborate with the image.

Large Pictures/Lengthy Posts: People will add this page to their friends list, that means MANY of us are going to demand the usage of Lj cuts for posts that seem unusually long. If you feel the need to explain reasoning’s for why a certain song was chosen, it’s meaning to you etc. etc. etc. Please use an Lj cut to do so, it’ll create a lot loss less hassle. Instructions on how to do so are located here.

Trading: Although the initial offer will be made in this community, please use email/instant messages outside of here to make the trade official and to get details as to how it'll take place. Please be responsible when dealing with others and trading such items, thanks to eBay we now know such situations don’t always work out. Stick to your word is all I ask. Those who do not follow through with their end of the bargain will be banned from the community. If this has happened to you (or any other discrepancies do occur) PLEASE email me.

Memories/Themes: Posts with certain themes will be added and categorized under the memories section. Please try and use themes as often as you can, I understand some mixes just don't have them. If you are new and looking for a certain theme please look under memories first. If you cannot find your desired theme than feel free to post and ask for songs with tones/moods/lyrics that would fall under the theme you’re planning to work with. To keep this journal alive please also post the mixes you made with help from the members, it would be greatly appreciated. When you post try and give us an idea of what type of punk it is/you want, sub genres (see below) help give the readers an overall feel. If you’re unsure about what’s what than that’s ok, I’m sure we'll survive.

Sub Genres of Punk: '77 Style Punk, Cow Punk, Hardcore Punk, NY Hardcore, Oi!, Pop Punk, Proto-punk, Psychobilly, Riot Grrrl, Rockabilly, Grind, Crust and Ska Punk. If you feel I have left out a specific genre of punk music that should be listed or there is one that should NOT be listed here please email me and I will try and make changes accordingly.

Other Miscellaneous Items: Please type normally (iF yOo TyPe LyKe DiS or LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME in capitals you will be warned). I hate to say it but posts full of blink 182, good charlotte, sum 41, avril lavigne and simple plan will be highly criticized, be ready for horrified reactions. Nonetheless this is NOT a community to claim how much you hate/like something, do that somewhere else please.

Lastly: I hate to be brutal, but if you do not follow these rules you will be banned. I warn honest simple mistakes but I just can’t tolerate ignorant people oblivious to these guidelines. I’m sorry if these rules are overwhelming, but in the end they create a richer, better community. Hopefully we will be able to have a good time, trade some music and get a better understanding of true punk music itself through this process.

If you feel any of my rules are bogus bullshit than email me, I can possibly try and work something out. All questions can be emailed to me and I’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can. Also, if I’ve forgotten a very important rule or there is a new one you strongly believe should be implemented EMAIL ME, I plan to check my inbox as often as possible.

As for the shit talked about this community in emomixtape's info - I've got two words: grow up.

Much thanks to EVERYONE for following the guide lines and participating in this community.
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