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introduction to riot

I need some help. I'm making a mix of songs that have to with riots; either the song is about rioting, the word "riot" (or some variation thereof) is in the title, or the word "riot" is in the name of the band/artist. I'm in dire need of any suggestions. Punk is preferred, but any and all help will be very appreciated.
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Bah, you posted this last week but I have a few songs...
Anti-Flag, "Seattle was a Riot"
Casualties, "Riot"
Mad Caddies, "Riot"
Rancid, "I Wanna Riot"
Sublime, "April 29, 1992 (Miami)"
"White Riot" off the first Clash Album
"I Predict A Riot"/The Kaiser Chiefs
"Riot On The Radio"/Dead 60s
"West End Riot"/The Living End
"Get Your Riot Gear On" (or something like that)/Five Iron Frenzy


December 31 2005, 09:09:30 UTC 12 years ago

running riot-cock sparrer
teenage riot- the ataris.