h0wsitgoingtobe (h0wsitgoingtobe) wrote in punkmixtape,

Going for the gold

Heyy everyone! I need some help with some songs for a mix I want to make.
Do you guys know any songs that say:
*you replaced me
*it's akward being around you now
*the guy's a jerk/he doesn't deserve you
*why can't things go back to the way they were?
*you've changed

I appreciate all help and any genre will do. Thanks a million in advance!

P.S. x-posted.
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um bright eyes lovers turn into monsters says hes a jerk he doesnt deserve you. and i love your icon
enjoy your day - alkaline trio
jeannie - good riddance
maps - yeah yeah yeahs (way overplayed on the radio and stuff, but great for this purpose)
good things - sleater-kinney
i still love you julie - against me! (maybe fits into the "why can't things go back to the way they were", i just need to put against me in everything)
Not those exact words, but the sentiments are expressed in The Descendants's "I'm the One."